Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coffee and the beach

A couple of weekends ago I went to the beach with my sister, mom, Kli, and LuLu. We packed a great lunch, sand toys, and some games. It was a beautiful day. The kids played in the water and sand. We walked down the beach and found drift wood.

For awhile I have wanted to take our little stove and stuff to make coffee and make it on the beach. The last couple of times I have brought it up I did not have anyone that thought it sounded like a good idea. Finally, I had my mom. Another true coffee lover and someone up for trying new things.

We made coffee on the beach and it was wonderful. I think most things taste better while sitting on the beach looking out at the beautiful ocean. The coffee experience did not disappoint.

Now, the next time I go to the beach I am bringing the supplies to make coffee. Takers or not. But the ones who ridicule will be sorry when I am sitting there with my hot, yummy cup of coffee and they are empty handed.



I am with you on that one, coffee on the beach sounds amazing

Larissa said...

that sounds like so much fun!!
i wish i loved coffee, but unfortunately, the only love i have for it is the smell.... but i LOOOOOVE the smell, and the smell of coffee on the beach sounds wonderful!! glad you finally had someone to appreciate it with you!

kddub said...

ha ha... you did it!
I take it your husband didn't go with you? Or did you just not let him have any?

Brody Harper said...

Stupid coffee on the beach... that's just dumb.

Rae said...

I'll come!