Monday, October 15, 2007

Look at those pretty trees....

That is what LuLu has been saying as we drive around. I couldn't agree more. Things are looking up around here. Everybody is well. That is a huge plus. We spent the weekend at Tahoe where I got a wonderful pedicure and manicure thanks to some very generous friends of ours and a wonderful husband who watched the kids while I got pampered. It was beautiful up there. The trees are changing but it was sunny. The lake is always amazing and we just had a nice break as a family.

My son wanted to play this game where we would say a word and he would spell it. Then he wanted foriegn words because spelling english words was not hard enough. I cannot believe his love of words. It is an amazing thing to watch.

LuLu was in a great mood and saying how pretty the trees were and then when it got dark how pretty the stars were so we pulled over and looked at the stars. You could see so many because there are not that many lights up there and it was a sight to see. I am so glad she brought them to our attention.

Little bird is all better! That is great by its self but she also has her first tooth, she is sleeping all night again, and she is on the brink of crawling. She gets around but just not in the traditional sense of the word. She is our happy, lovely baby again and I am so thankful for that.

As if all that was not good enough we have one more great thing tomorrow. My mom is coming and watching all three kids so that we can go to San Francisico togther without kids. This will be the first time in a very long time. We are going with some friends to spend the day there and then because we have the hook up we are going to the Phil Wickham and David Crowder show at the Filmore. I am so excited. We get to go out to dinner and a concert like adults. I don't know if we will know what to do with ourselves.

So, things are looking up around here and I have a great big smile on my face.


Larissa said...

that all sounds so nice and wonderful! i'm so glad she is feeling better and you got a weekend away as a family.
and yay for you guys going away by yourselves!!!! that is so awesome!! and i'm jealous you get to see david crowder-- how very cool!!!!!!! let me know how it was, although i'm sure it'll be great!! :)

kddub said...

Glad that everyone is better and that tooth popped through, that makes such a difference.

Your kids are so smart and sweet!