Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A little catch up

I feel like I need a catch up post. I have been holding off talking about my amazing trip because there is going to be video and blogging by my friend coming pretty soon. I think that will tell the story so much better than I would be able to do here.

. We have been pretty busy like everyone else this time of year.

. We are going to spend Christmas with our good friends in Tennessee and hope to have a tender Tennessee Christmas just like Amy Grant promises.

. This is the first Christmas that I have not been as into the normal traditions that we do. I am still going along with it because I have the kids and cannot disappoint them but it is just not the same this year. It is also the first year to celebrate Christmas without my great-grandma and this was her favorite time of year so it is sad without her.

. I took my girls for a check up yesterday and they are both doing great. I am so thankful for healthy kids.

. My son is on Christmas break so we are enjoying slower mornings, hanging out more together, movies, games, and all the things you are supposed to do on vacation.

. Our friends had a baby boy a few days ago and we are really happy for them. He is healthy and well.

. I have so many ideas of things that are on my heart but it is hard to find time to completely think through an idea. I am hoping over the next year to be able to act on some of these things. One will be more awareness of the project we are working with in Burkina Faso and one would be some more awareness of the fos-adopt program that we used to adopt our little girl.

. I think I will take a break for Christmas. I hope to be able to expand on some ideas and share about our Christmas later.

. I hope everyone has a very blessed holiday


Lisa said...

I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas! I hope "the love circles around you like the gifts around the tree!" (ha ha) I enjoy peeking in on your blog and am so anxious to read more about what's going on in Burkina Faso.

Larissa said...

how exciting you guys are going to TN for Christmas!! i hope you have a wonderful time! thanks for all the catch up... i keep checking in to see about the Burkina Faso trip, can't wait to hear more about it!!