Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Christmas with my family...

We celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday. As we were getting to my parents house LuLu said, " we are in Nana's woods and there is just a little bit of snow". That girl makes us laugh everyday with the things she says. We had a great time. They had the tree up that the kids had helped cut down and decorate. We ate really good food and lots of it.We drank hot apple cider and hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. We opened presents. The kids got great presents and have been enjoying them all day. We walked around the little lake that my parents live on. LuLu wanted to trail very far behind the rest of us and pretend that she was lost in the woods. She was very proud of herself for "finding her way back". We looked at the pictures from my trip to Burkina Faso. And before we left my dad made us a bon fire and we stood in the cold, warmed by the fire and enjoyed just being together. It was a very enjoyable day for us and the kind of day that makes great memories for everybody. Tomorrow we head out for Tennessee. We are hoping for a smooth flight, no delays, and patient kids.

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Lulu said...

I had the Best Christmas ever!

(with a little help from Daddy)