Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting Closer

Today we signed the adoption placement papers which officially take Little Bird out of the foster care system and into the adoption phase. We are that much closer to finalizing. It was a strange day because the office we went to was the same one we met at to find out about her for the first time. I was remembering all those feelings again. The wondering if this would be the one, how do we make this decision, what if they do not pick us. And then the driving away knowing that we would be picking up our little girl the next morning. The excitement, fear, business of getting everything ready. It was just a lot of emotion. They gave us her full file today since they are closing it out and we got to keep the Polaroid picture that they showed us that first day. That is the picture that we made a life changing decision on and I am so glad we get to have it. I am so glad we were the ones that God picked to parent her. She is such a joy in our lives.


kddub said...

congratulations. That is sweet that you get to have that picture.

annie said...

Hey there,
You don't really know me, but you do know my brother, David Bellamy.
I linked to you from Kristin, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your adoption process/story... My husband has always had a heart for adopting children (even though we already have two of our own), so it's nice to hear from people going through the real thing! Sounds like it has been a real blessing for you and your husband. Congrats!

Larissa said...

that is so exciting! we're so happy for you guys and i can't wait to meet her. you are all blessed to have each other, and it must be so exciting to be getting closer to everything being finalized!!

Rae said...

Oh, yay for the little Birdie!