Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's today, it's today

That is a quote from Stewart Little. The day that they are going to go pick up his new little brother. Well, for us it is the day that we finalize our adoption. She has always felt like ours. We have loved her since the day we first saw her but today we have a legal document that says it is true. No more having to explain at the doctors office why she goes by two names. No more keeping perfect track of everything we do. No more calls when we are going to leave the county. All of that was well worth the outcome but it will be nice to be done. We have our court day this morning and then we are throwing a big party in the late afternoon at our house. We wanted to celebrate this big day with our friends and family. I am so glad as I look back at this journey that our family has gone through. I am so thankful that we made this decision. Our lives will never be the same and we are all thankful for that. Last night we were talking about the upcoming court date and telling the kids that they might ask them if they want to have Little Bird as their sister. My son took it very seriously and told LuLu that she cannot even kid around if they ask her if she wants to or not. I thought that was very sweet. The love the three of them have for each other is amazing to me. So, we are off to the court house and then back home as a legal family and ready to PARTY!


Larissa said...

we are so happy for you guys.
i still CANNOT wait to meet this little precious girl!!!

kddub said...

Yay!!!!! congratualtions, I wish we could be there to party with you!

CresceNet said...
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Susan said...

Congratulations Jessie & family! Mom said that you guys had a wonderful time yesterday~
Susan & family

Aaron said...

So exciting. Couldn't be happier for you guys.