Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I have learned.....

1. My kids make me laugh every day
2. I really did marry the best guy in the world.
3. That is really is possible to become even better friends with your sister.
4. I still love going to the library as much as I did as a kid.
5. My son would learn to ride a bike the first time he tried.
6. My daughter would sing songs to me almost everyday.
7. My baby would learn to crawl and say mama in the last week.
8. That going for walk with my family after dinner is a sanity saver and we all enjoy it.
9. That my mom was right, a lot more than I thought.
10. That I am starting to sound just like her.
11. That I enjoy baking more than cooking.
12. Moving is hard and I hope that we do not have to do it again, ever.
13. I don't like to shop as much as I used to.
14. The beach is one of my favorite spots to read a book.
15. Good friends will stick by you through a lot of stuff.
16. That I am a stronger woman than I used to believe I was.
17. Family is really important.
18. I will always pick the slowest line at a store.
19. I like sushi.
20. That I would miss my friends that are far away the most on days like today.
21. I love the smell of rain.
22. I do not really like gardening as much as I thought I would.
23. That good shoes are hard to find.
24. So are good jeans. It is a never ending quest for me.
25. To be more comfortable with who I am, not who I think other people want me to be.
26. I enjoy people with a good sense of humor.
27. That parenting is a scary journey, but God has so much Grace.
28. I am not really dreading today.
29. That today I start the first day of the last year in my twenties.


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jessie! I love your list! Have you been praying for wisdom or did the Lord just give it to you? I hope you have a wonderful day!

randy said...

I thought it was your birthday today. for some reason I always remember it cause mine is the 7th of another month. You should probably go do something dangerous this year, but not painful.

Court said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list, it made me think about my life and it made me laugh out loud! I can so agree and relate to a lot of your the Mom being right and starting to sound like her, I hope our kids will one day say the same thing about us!

kddub said...

Happy Birthday!

Brody Harper said...

daaannggg you're old....

happy birthday... i was gonna get you something nice, but i didn't.